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Persian Jewelry

Shahrzad Morghe Amin Iranian Persian Symbol Handmade Turquoise Chain Necklace


Babylonian Persian Coin Necklace Pendant Men & Women Necklaces 24k Gold Plated


Antique Persian ? Hand Painted Enameled Brooch Pin in Silver


Old Persian Jewelry, Silver Rings, Lot of 14, Various Sizes


Antique Persian Ottoman Jewelry, Carnelian, Red Agate Islamic Pendant


Antique Mother Of Pearl Persian Story Brooch


Antique Vtg Persian Iran Filigree Hand Painted Pictorial Bracelet


Antique Vtg Persian Iran Hand Painted Chunky Green Bracelet Birds Safety Clasp


Persian Hand-painted Birds Teardrop Mother-of-Pearl necklace crafted late 1960s


1934 Vintage Bronze Persian Coin on Tibetan Silver Ring size # 9 us, 29 g ! Mint


Cyrus The Great Persian Persia king Cylinder Necklace Chain Farvahar Art Gift


Vintage Hand Painted Persian heart shaped Pendant MOP Oyster Shell 1 SIDED


Vintage Persian heart shaped Hand Painted Pendant Oyster Shell 1 SIDED




Natural Amethyst Druzy Quartz Gemstone Geode Pendant Connector Bracelet Beads


morghe amin Hand Made Morgh e Amin Necklace Iranian Persian Sharzad


Natural Persian Turquoise 925 Silver Ring Jewelry s.7 AR50480


Silver Ancient Ahura Mazda Sphinx Necklace Persian Zoroastrianism




Natural Druzy Quartz Agate Amethyst Geode Gemstone Pendant Silver Gold Necklace


Shahrzad Necklace Morghe Amin Necklace, Iranian Jewelry Handmade, Persian Gift


Natural Persian Turquoise 925 Silver Ring Jewelry s.6 AR50473


FARVAHAR AHURA MAZDA Necklace - Persian Pride Iran - Ancient Aliens z7qq


U7 Pahlavi Farvahar Pendant Necklace Stainless Steel Iranian Persian Zoroastrian


FARVAHAR AHURA MAZDA Necklace - Silver Persian Pride Iran - Ancient Aliens z7qq


Gold Pt Double sided Farvahar Faravahar Necklace Chain Persian Farohar Art Gift


VTG Persian Turquoise Bead Necklace Glass Bead Bracelet Earrings Set Lot 3 Pcs


Persian Pahlavi Durbar Flag Medallion Necklace Chain Shir Khorshid Farvahar Gift


Gold Pt Persian Pahlavi Kingdom Crown Taj Necklace Chain Shirkhorshid Gift Art


Handmade Turquoise Silver Pt Farvahar Faravahar Necklace Chain Persian Gift Art


Silver Pt Flag Map Perdsia Shir Khorshid Lion Sun Persian Necklace Chain King


Persian Parsi Farsi Design Love Pomegranate Necklace Chain Anar Farohar Art Gift


Farvahar Persian Necklace Chain Turquoise Faravahar Pahlavi Farohar Art Gift


Persian Turquoise Diamond Cross 14k Gold Hand Crafted Pendant Chain Necklace